European Government Envoys to Meet with FARC

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 30 June 2008

Reports from Colombian suggest that two European mediators are currently somewhere in the country on route to meet with new FARC guerrilla chief Alfonso Cano. The envoys, sent by the French and Swiss governments, are involved in efforts to get the FARC and the Colombian Government to carry out a prisoner exchange.

Although it is unclear whether a meeting has already occurred or is imminent, it will be the first encounter between Cano and representatives of foreign governments since he took control of the rebel group last month following the death of FARC founder Manuel Marulanda.

The two envoys have allegedly spent three days in a mountainous area of the central Colombian department of Tolima where it is believed Commander Cano is based. It is hoped that making contact with him could be an initial step toward encouraging negotiations between the Colombian government and the guerrillas.

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