Trade Union Bodyguard Tortured and Murdered

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 4 July 2008

A bodyguard assigned to protect regional trade union leaders has been found dead with signs of torture in the southern Colombian town of Palmira in Valle del Cauca department. Rubiel Torres Cardona, whose body was discovered on the evening of June 29th, had worked with the CUT trade union federation in the region since 1998 providing protection for union leaders under threat.

Mr Cardona, who leaves three children, was also an active volunteer working with deprived young people in Valle del Cauca and was a community activist in his own neighbourhood of Siloe.

According to Hector Emilio Castro, a leading human rights defender in Valle del Cauca, the DAS secret police had 'issues' with Mr Cardona and did not like how close he had grown to the trade unionists that he was assigned to protect.

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