PCS Union Activists Report on Colombia Work

Justice For Colombia News | on: Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Trade union activists in the British civil service union PCS have sent the following report to Justice for Colombia concerning recent activities that they have been involved in to support our work in Colombia.

"Over 400 members of the Public and Commercial Services Union in Liverpool discussed the situation in Colombia in a series of meetings in March.

PCS is backing the JFC campaign and asking its branches to support it. One of the branches that organises workers in HM Revenue and Customs decided to do this at their annual general meeting. This was run as a series of meetings at or in the workplaces the branch covers.

The meetings discussed a motion to the union's national conference telling the National Executive to continue its support for JFC and a second motion telling the local Branch Committee to write to local MPs on the Government's military support for the Colombian government. These meetings also provided an opportunity to discuss the campaign.

The Branch wanted to show the DVD and hold a collection at each of the meetings but this was not possible. Where the DVD was shown there was quite a lot of discussion afterwards and a better response to the collection. Unfortunately the largest meeting did not have a big screen on which to show the DVD and no collection was possible.

The motion was passed unanimously at all the meetings and 107 was raised for the JFC campaign"

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