CUT Trade Union Federation Accuse Uribe Regime of Encouraging Assassinations

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 8 April 2008

An an interview with the Associated Press (AP), Fabio Arias, the Vice President of the CUT trade union federation has accused the Colombian Govermnet of encouraging the assassinations of trade unionists.

"It tries [the Colombian Government] to stigmatize us, it tries to paint us as rebels, and that's when the right-wing death squads try to kill us," Mr Arias told AP. "These death squads still work with parts of the military and police to kill trade union members in Colombia."

Mr Arias' comments were made in response to claims by US President George W. Bush that the Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has done all it can to combat political violence including the murder of hundreds of trade unionists.

Colombia is the world's deadliest country for trade unionists and hundreds have been killed since Mr Uribe took power. In 2006, the murder of trade unionists in Colombia accounted for half of all such killings globally, according to the International Trade Union Confederation.

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