Indigenous leader assassinated

News from Colombia | on: Saturday, 15 September 2007

Unknown assailants have shot and killed a regional indigenous leader in the city of Popayan, Cauca department. Yovanny Pillumue Cuchimba, secretary of the regional indigenous association, was killed on the afternoon of Friday 14th September as he left a meeting with local coffee growers.

Pillumue and others had been meeting to discuss ways in which rural indigenous communities might be able to form cooperatives in an effort to commercialise their coffee production.

Further details of the assassination will be posted here as they become clear.

In a separate development the National Indigenous Organisation of Colombia, ONIC, reported today that the Colombian Government is not backing the first 'UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People' which was passed at the 61st UN General Assembly by a huge majority on Thursday last week. According to ONIC, Colombia was the only Latin American nation to abstain on the vote whilst every other county in the continent voted in favour.

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