Bombing Injures 25 Civilians

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Colombian Air Force has bombed a remote Afro-Colombian community on the border of the departments of Cauca and Valle. At least 25 civilians have been injured, some of them seriously. Human rights groups have called for an international mission to visit the region to verify what is occurring after some weeks of what have been described as "indiscriminate" military operations by the Colombian security forces.

The most recent bombing happened on March 26th when Air Force planes attacked an isolated community located on the banks of the River Micay. According to human rights groups the bombs were dropped at 9am without warning leading to the high number of casualties.

The Church-based 'Commission for Justice and Peace' has reported that civilians are now fleeing the region. The Commission has also accused the military of "under the pretext of fighting the FARC guerrilla group carrying out actions that gravely affect the civilian populations along the Rivers Micay and Sigui and in the Naya region."

In early March JFC reported on our concerns about the safety of civilians in this very area. See:

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