Third land claimant killed this year in Colombia

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 6 February 2017

The threats and attacks against land claimants continue in Colombia, as another is assassinated. On 4 February Edilberto Cantillo, the president of the Community Action Committee of the village Entre Ríos, in César department, was killed in his home by armed men on a motorbike.

The leader had been displaced and currently was a witness for the Land Restitution Unit in their investigation into the dispossession of a local family.

Edilberto's killing is the third assassination of a civil society activist in César department this year, despite the fact the National Ombudsman has issued a protection warning for the safety of activists in the department. He is also the third land claimant to be killed in Colombia this year, reinforcing the extremely dangerous position of those seeking to reclaim land illegally taken from them.

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