Regional Visit Strengthens UK-Colombia Trade Union Links

Justice For Colombia News | on: Sunday, 30 March 2008

A highly successful visit by three Colombian activists to the North of England has strengthened region to region links and produced proposals to explore a number of practical projects to assist trade unions in southwest Colombia.

The visitors, all from Valle del Cauca department, were in the UK as guests of Justice for Colombia North between 15th and 25th March during which time they attended a series of meetings, conferences and other events in Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester, as well as spending a day in London where they met with Parliamentarians.

Ariel Diaz, President of the CUT trade union federation in Valle del Cauca, Carlos Gonzalez of university workers' trade union SINTRAUNICOL and Olga Araujo, who works with rural and indigenous communities, women and other marginalised sectors, are all active in campaigns to promote human rights and social justice and in the movement to oppose privatisation of public services.

The Colombian colleagues were keen to establish region-to-region links between Valle del Cauca and northern England and various proposals for direct and practical solidarity measures were discussed during their visit.

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