Unions Withdraw Howells Invitation

Justice For Colombia News | on: Saturday, 22 March 2008

An invitation to Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells to participate in the 40th anniversary celebration of the 1968 Hornsey College of Art occupation (an event in which Dr Howells played a leading role) has been withdrawn as a result of the accusations made by Dr Howells against Justice for Colombia. Two newspapers, The Guardian and the Western Mail, yesterday reported that the unions arranging the celebration have now told Dr Howells that he will not be welcome.

For the Western Mail article see http://mattwithers.welshblogs.co.uk/2008/03/if_your_names_not_down_youre_n.html

For The Guardian piece go to the following link and scroll down the page about half way http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2008/mar/21/1

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