16 of 30 pardoned FARC combatants released

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 22 January 2016

On 20 January the Colombian government released 16 of the 30 pardoned FARC guerrilla combatants. Last November the government promised to release the prisoners within two weeks but after unexplained delays only 16 have been released. Nine male combatants and seven female combatants were released from the Picota and Buen Pastor prisons in Bogotá and some will be sent to Havana to help with the implementation of the peace talks.

The pardon came after a hunger strike by FARC prisoners and was seen as a unilateral humanitarian gesture by the Colombian government in support of the peace process. However, alongside the delays the government has so far also failed to send in the promised medical brigades to attend imprisoned guerrilla combatants with severe health problems and create special prison yards for FARC prisoners.

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