17 people killed by paramilitaries in one region in December

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 14 January 2016

Authorities in the municipality of Tumaco in Nariño Department have denounced the assassination of 17 people in the region during December 2015. Amongst those killed were two students under eighteen and two women. One worked for the aqueduct and waste management company (AQUASEO) and was killed in the presence of colleagues whilst working at the city's landfill. These events have caused much fear in the local community and the suspension of programmed activities during the Christmas period.

According to the National Police paramilitary groups were responsible for the crimes. During 2015 pamphlets, threats and the growing presence of armed groups competing for territorial control in rural and urban zones have been observed in the region. Their current presence raises an alarm about the lack of security guarantees in the aftermath of the signing of the Peace Agreement. Local authorities fear the arrival of other paramilitary groups to the region and a rise in violence once again.

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