Patriotic March denounce murder and threat of members

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 14 January 2016

In December two members of the Patriotic March were killed, whilst others suffered threats, harassment, arbitrary detentions and indiscriminate machine gun attacks in various regions of Colombia.

On 8th December Antonio Manuel Montoya León and Kevin Trespalacios were killed in the department of Bolivar, which for decades has been a conflict-ridden area.

In the village of Altos de Manila, Antioquia Department, the community reported the arrival of the Colombian army on 17th December and indiscriminate machine gun attacks from army helicopters against civilians. This was followed by searches, the seizure of gold from miners and interrogations by members of the army who refused to identify themselves.

In Cauca, Putumayo and Nariño, organisations affiliated to the Patriotic March and FENSUAGRO have reported systematic persecution, including death threats, searches, and detentions by Colombian authorities, the army and National Police. Amongst those threatened include Gustavo Adolfo Rengifo Delgado and his family, who was tortured and threatened in June 2015 and Ricardo Quinayas, who survived the genocide of the UP.

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