Four soldiers captured for murder in region visited by JFC delegations

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 14 January 2016

One year after the 25-year-old Faiber Erazo was shot dead as he passed through through an illegal army checkpoint, four soldiers have been arrested charged with his killing.

Faiber was killed in the region of North Cauca and his killing led to massive protests as residents in his village demanded an investigation into his death. The soldiers had claimed that Faiber was carrying coca paste and refused to stop, but evidence contradicted these claims. Importantly, the checkpoint that was set-up had not been officially authorised.

The arrests also come after two JFC delegations visited the region. In May a Unite delegation heard from members of his community about the killing and later met with the local Army commander to relay the community’s demands for a full investigation. In December JFC returned to the region with a UNISON delegation where they again met with members of his community.

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