Colombian Army Extra-judicially Executes Community Leader

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 25 February 2008

Colombian soldiers have murdered a community leader in the department of Huila. Officials subsequently presented his body as a guerrilla fighter killed in combat despite his high known role as the President of the local community action council in the Pinares region.

Edgar Jose Molina Ovalle, who was also involved in a regional land reform campaign, was shot dead by soldiers at 9.30pm on February 23rd as he was carrying shopping to his home in the town of Algeciras. The soldiers responsible were from the 9th Brigade of the Colombian Army.

Shortly after the assassination General William Perez Laiseca, commander of the 9th Brigade, publicly stated that his men had killed a guerrilla fighter. To date it is believed that no investigation has been opened into this latest killing.

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