FARC guerrillas increase attacks

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 5 September 2007

An upsurge in activity by FARC guerrillas in recent weeks has seen over 50 Colombian soldiers killed in a series of bloody attacks in two regions of the country. The heaviest attack came on August 10th when 25 soldiers were killed in an ambush by members of the FARC's 48th front in the municipality of Orito in Putumayo department.

This was followed by the deaths of ten troops near the village of Miraflores in Hormiga municipality also in Putumayo on August 24th. Smaller attacks in other parts of the department led to a further six soldiers losing their lives.

On September 2nd the FARC struck again in the centre of the county by ambushing a patrol of the Colombian Army's 5th High Mountain Battalion. In fighting that lasted over an hour near the village of Palmeras in Mijao municipality in Quindio department, 11 soldiers and four guerrillas lost their lives. The Battalion, which is believed to receive training from the British Army, allegedly abandoned a large amount of weaponry and other equipment which was subsequently taken by the guerrillas.

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