Peasant killed by Army and dressed up as a combatant days before Christmas

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 5 January 2015

In the northeastern region of Catatumbo, where peasants struggle daily to provide for their families whilst having to resist at the same time the damaging consequences of transnational biofuel and mining projects and the resultant persecution from state forces and paramilitaries, another peasant has been killed by the Colombian army.

On 20th December 2014, Ramón Toro, was shot dead in the town of El Tarra by soldiers from the Mobile 33rd Brigade as he walked to his farm during sunrise. His body was taken away by the soldiers, he was stripped, and then dressed with camouflage clothing to be presented as a guerrilla combatant.

This practice known in Colombia as “false-positives” had apparently been ended according to government officials and indeed the reports of some international organisations, but the reports from the grass roots organisations continue to reveal that it is still taking place. There are over 4,700 military personnel being investigated for involvement in the killing of over 4,200 innocent civilians in this way.

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