Five FENSUAGRO activists arrested close to Bogota

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 18 December 2014

In the early morning of 17 December 2014, an operation carried out by the investigative police unit and the Army resulted in the arrest of four recognised activists in the region of Sumapaz.

The Sumapaz region is at high altitude and is an important source of water which has seen the community organising to protect their local environment. As a result the Sumapaz community, particularly those organised in the FENSUAGRO affiliated SINTRAPAZ.

The five arrested are: Alexander Guzman Romero, John Clavijo Amaya, Ilver Vergara Robayo, Domiciano Ardila Tautiva, and Ombrey Castro Dimate. There are also reports that the police had lists of other members of the community who are in danger of also being arrested.

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