Imprisoned FARC Member Exposes Conditions

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 3 November 2014

FARC prisoners request prisoner of war status and an international humanitarian verification visit to Colombia’s prisons.

Tulio Murillo, a member of the FARC held in a Cucuta prison made a video presentation during the fourth victims' meeting with the negotiators of both sides. Wearing a Colombian national team shirt he denounced the drastic situation faced by prisoners in general and guerrilla prisoners in particular. He also highlighted the cases of FARC prisoners held in US high-security prisons, such as the case of Simon Trinidad.

Mr Murillo related cases whereby insurgents had been stabbed, poisoned, and denied medical treatment, and highlighted that many disabled former combatants had been captured while undergoing medical treatment, and had incomplete treatment of their wounds. He denounced the routine torture and humiliation of prisoners, as well as the conditions faced by those held in US-style high security prisons where prisoners are denied access to sunlight, and educational or recreational resources - a situation he characterised as ‘living mass graves’. He also described the persecution and routine humiliation of relatives of FARC guerrillas visiting their relatives in prison.

The proposals Mr Murillo put to the table asked for prisoners of war to be treated as such, denouncing that many are currently held with mentally unstable and criminal prisoners. He also requested an international humanitarian visit to the prisons to verify the overcrowding and conditions prisoners lived in.

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