ITUC Global Rights Index labels Colombia as the worst in South America

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The first global Rights Index report into the labour rights situation in 139 countries across the world was released by the ITUC earlier this year and labelled Colombia as amongst the worst. The report, which seeks to provide easily manageable ratings based on a number of accepted standards such as access to trade unions, availability of collective bargaining and legal protection uses a point system of 1-5 – Colombia was the only country in South America to be ranked with a 5, and in all of Latin America was only accompanied by Guatemala.

The ranking of 5 was given to countries that “do not guarantee rights and are the worst in the world to work. Although legislation specifies certain rights, in reality workers do not have acces to them and are exposed to autocratic regimes and unfair work conditions”.

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