Research Institute Reports Increase in Attacks on Colombian Trade Unionists During 2007

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 28 January 2008

A European Union-funded trade union research institution in Colombia has found that 2007 saw an increase in human rights abuses against Colombian trade unionists compared to 2006. The National Trade Union School (Escuela Nacional Sindical, ENS) documented that, on average, more than one human rights abuses was perpetrated each day of the year against a Colombian trade unionist.

The new report, documents a total of 384 violations of human rights against trade unionists during the year a small increase on the figure for 2006. The abuses include assassinations and other armed attacks, death threats, forced displacement, arbitrary detentions and at least 11 forced disappearances an increase from five the previous year.

The biggest increase was seen in cases of forced displacement when a trade unionist is forced to flee their home and job due to threats. 95 such cases were registered by the ENS during 2007 compared to only 7 cases in 2006.

The new figures are part of a preliminary report released by the ENS to cover 2007. When the full report is published we will post details on this website.

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