Release of four political prisoners exposes once more political use of legal system

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 27 May 2013

Four trade unionists were released in the early hours of Saturday 25 May after having been held illegally and with no charges being brought. Wilmer Madroñero, Oswaldo Arcos, Hary Rendon and Juan Climaco Vega are all members of the agricultural union ASCAP, which is affiliated to the Justice for Colombia partner FENSUAGRO.

Justice for Colombia and the UK trade union movement works closely with FENSUAGRO and has organised visits to the UK on numerous occasions.

The judge ordered the release of the four trade unionists due to the illegality of their detention. For FENSUAGRO their release has demonstrated once more how the courts are used to silence, disrupt, and punish political opposition. There are several thousand activists imprisoned in Colombia for political reasons. In a recent report FENSUAGRO stated that they have 55 members currently being held in Colombian jails.

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