Indiscriminate shooting by soldiers kills young girl in Cauca

Justice For Colombia News | on: Wednesday, 10 October 2012

On 7th October, 13 year old Ingrid Johana Ruiza, was shot dead when Colombian army soldiers entered a shopping centre in the Betania town centre in Patia, Cauca and began firing their weapons indiscriminately.

The shooting, carried out in the “Punto Rojo” retail centre by soldiers from the 7th Batallion of the "General José Hilario López" infantry, also injured two further civilians. Marco Tulio Cruz, another bystander, was hit in the leg and thirteen year old Karol Yuliet Piamba Castillo, was shot in the stomach. The retail centre itself was also badly damaged by bullets getting lodged in the walls.

The three civilians that were hit; Ingrid Johana Ruiz, Marco Tulio Cruz and Karol Yuliet Piamba Castillo, are all members of AGROPATIA, the agro-environmental farm workers association of Patía, of PUPSOC, the People's Unity Process for the South West of Colombia, and of the Patriotic March.

Members of the FARC-EP's 8th Front were also on the premises. The tragedy shows how civilians continue to suffer as a result of the presence of armed actors and the conflict in Colombia and demonstrates yet again the need for a ceasefire, to end the violence.

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