Nestle Workers Under Threat in Valle del Cauca

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 13 September 2012

Trade union activists employed at the Nestle factory in Bugalagrande, Valle del Cauca department have been on the receiving end of serious death threats in recent days. Those threatened included Duber Erney Hincapie, Gustavo Bedoya, Frank David Acevedo, Martín Agudelo and Luis Hebert Peñaloza – all members of the SINTRAIMAGRA trade union.

On September 9th they received a phone call from an unidentified caller with a deliberately distorted voice which said “we know where you all are, you are going to die…on one can save themselves.” The following day, notes were delivered to each of their houses, announcing that they had been sentenced to death, with a list of their names in order of who would be targeted first.

These latest events follow a series of threatening texts, calls to their mobile phones and intimidating messages left in the factory toilets in recent days. In addition, pamphlets insulting the union activists and smearing them with dangerous accusations have been circulated in the Bugalagrande municipality generating a climate of terror.

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