Trade Unionists and Human Rights Defenders Threatened in Meta

News from Colombia | on: Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Colombian Agricultural Workers’ Union FENSUAGRO has reported threats against several local activists in the Department of Meta.

Maria Eugenia Sepulveda, member of the regional agricultural workers’ organisation, and president of the community council in Vista Hermosa municipality received a death threat on Saturday 23rd June at 17.00. The unidentified caller told her to stop running as a ‘guerrilla’ candidate for the local community council if not she and her family will be killed.

This follows the presence of several armed men in the area, who claim to have lists of targets including human rights activists and agricultural workers Doris Rivera, Amanda Vasquez and Jairo. Paramilitaries often carry lists of those they intend to assassinate. Meta department has been the scene of some of the worst paramilitary atrocities in recent years, and despite army control in seevral regions, parmailitaries continue to operate with impunity.

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