FENSUAGRO Activist Followed Amid Spate of Threats

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Aidee Moreno, the FENSUAGRO agricultural workers’ union human rights director, has reported the presence of unknown men around her home. On April 24th one of her relatives was leaving the house along with a peasant trade unionist when the two noticed someone who then followed them for until they reached their destination. On May 22nd Aidee Moreno’s bodyguards noticed a red car driving around the area near the house.

These events come after a spate of threats, killings and disappearances linked to the holding of a Patriotic March at the end of April. FENSUAGRO is one of the organisations that has signed up to the Patriotic March, and on May 6th it received a death threat that declared the leadership of FENSUAGRO a ‘military target’. The threat read: “WE DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE PROTECTED DAMNED SONS OF BITCHES, BECAUSE THAT WON’T HELP YOU AT ALL, YOU HAVE A FEW DAYS LEFT TO LEAVE THE CITY SNITCH SONS OF BITCHES”.

Among those who have recently received threats are leading members of Colombians for Peace, Piedad Cordoba, Carlos Lozano and Ivan Cepeda, as well as several organisers of the Patriotic March, and members of its executive congress.

Aidee Moreno survives her husband, her brother and her mother who were all assassinated for their trade union and political activity.

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