TUC Statement in support of MOVICE 6th March 2012 demonstration

Justice For Colombia News | on: Tuesday, 6 March 2012

TUC Statement in support of MOVICE 6th March 2012 demonstration

On behalf of the TUC, British trade union Confederation, I would like to express my sincere solidarity with all those participating in the MOVICE march today, 6th March 2012, marking the international day of the victims of state crimes in Colombia.

The TUC also welcomes and supports the focus of this year’s march, which highlights severe limitations and challenges within the current administration’s policy on land and victims.

I participated last week, 26th February to 2nd March, in a Justice for Colombia international delegation to Colombia to verify the situation of human and trade union rights . We met with MOVICE, and its member organisations, met with trade unions, representatives of the Colombian government and the British embassy. The evidence I gathered through firsthand experience in Colombia wholly supports MOVICE’s claims.

It appears that there is a lack of guarantees and protection for those attempting to claim back their lands and that paramilitary structures remain intact. Those returning to their lands face the same threats and violence they were forced to flee. Furthermore, victims claim that the law does not provide them with full access to justice and reparations.

Despite gaining international approval and helping to improve Colombia’s international image, it appears that the current administration’s land policy has such severe limitations that it can do little to change the reality for Colombia’s victims.

The TUC expresses its whole hearted support for today’s march, and the struggle of the movement of victims in obtaining genuine truth, justice and reparations and to live free from the fear of repeated attack. We also pledge our permanent support for a peace process to end the violations in Colombia.

In solidarity,

Frances O’Grady

Deputy General Secretary, TUC

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