Peace Community Update

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 6 February 2012

In an update to a recent communiqué, the San Jose Peace Community has reported that on January 31st army troops patrolled the communities of Miramar and La Cristalina in the company of 4 hooded men (paramilitaries) and one former guerrilla. The men threatened local peasants and told them to displace since the land was needed for coalmining. Troops also destroyed a large field of maize.

On the 4th of February the legal representative of the Peace Community, Emilio Tuberquia, was shot at by two men riding a motorbike, less than 100 metres from a police checkpoint in Apartado itself. The riders then drove through the checkpoint without being stopped after having fired at Mr Tuberquia.

The Community offers these as fresh examples of how military and police forces are openly cooperating with paramilitaries in the region.

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