USO Trade Unionist and Wife Assassinated

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The CUT and the USO oilworkers’ union have reported the assassination of trade union leader and community activist Mauricio A. Redondo and his wife Janeth Ordonez. The two were killed at 19.30 on January 17th in Puerto Asis. The couple leave behind 5 children.

Mr Redondo was from the settlement of Teteye, near Puerto Asis in Putumayo department in Southern Colombia. He worked in PEI, a services company for the oil sector. As a community leader he had recently had an active participation in a forum on the right to work.

According to the CUT his killing underlines the threat to trade unionists in the region, and it reports that three USO leaders have recently received threats by text message. Another telephone threat was received by the USO offices in the area, and 2 disciplinary cases have also been opened against USO members by their employers. Together these actions point towards a systematic policy of repression and hindrance of union activities.

USO leader Rodolfo Vecino was recently fired by Ecopetrol before being reinstated a month later. Similar cases are still pending on other USO leaders. The USO has played a leading role in industrial action in Colombia’s oil fields in the last year.

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