Human Rights Groups Denounce Arbitrary Arrest

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 23 November 2011

MOVICE, the National Victims’ Movement has reported the arbitrary detention of Luis Alfredo Fernandez, treasurer of CPDH (Permanent Committee of Human Rights) in Algeciras. His arrest comes alongside the accusations made against other leaders of CPDH, Diego Martinez and Jairo Ramirez.

Luis Alfredo is a survivor of the Patriotic Union, a political party set up in the 1980s which was destroyed with over 3,000 members killed, and is a peasant and community leader, and former member of FENSUAGRO, the agricultural workers’ union. On the 2nd October Luis Alfredo was at work in the CPDH office in Algeciras when armed police surrounded the entire block. He was led away and transferred immediately to Bogota.

Diego Martinez and Jairo Ramirez have been accused of links to the FARC several times in the past. In 2010 Diego was accused of being linked to the guerrillas by the a then Presidential adviser, and in the media.

Such accusations continue. Several MOVICE members have been imprisoned including David Rabelo (one of JFC’s political prisoners) and Principe Gabriel, while others are nominally free but have cases open against them, such as Harry Caicedo, Carmelo Agamez, and Winston Gallego.

In Bogota Luis Alfredo was accused of conspiracy to commit terrorist crime and rebellion, although by the time he arrived in prison he was only being accused with rebellion. The prison is a long way from Algeciras which will make it impossible for his family to visit him.

Jairo Ramirez is a member of the CPDH and MOVICE leadership. Diego Martinez is executive secretary of CPDH and a member of MOVICE. Others being accused include Abday Ciallo and Jaime Lizcano who are also members of the CPDH executive and leadership.

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