Human Rights Defender and Trade Unionist Threatened

News from Colombia | on: Sunday, 13 November 2011

Human rights organisations in the south of Colombia report that the Vice President of the ASTRACAVA agricultural workers’ union, a FENSUAGRO affiliate, has received death threats. Maria Fernanda Torres, an active campaigner for the Democratic Pole opposition party was asleep in her house when unidentified men banged on her windows and threatened her.

At about 2.00am on the 30th of October the unidentified men broke into her farm and after banging on her door and windows threatened to kill her and her 15 year-old daughter if they left the house the following day.

Ms Torres had campaigned strongly for the Democratic Pole in the area, and is an active campaigner for peace, being a member of the Patriotic March and also of a regional peace process.

Human rights organisations are calling for the state to provide Ms Torres with adequate protection.

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