Soldiers Assassinate Disabled Man

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 15 January 2008

On January 10th soldiers of the 'Ayacucho' Battalion of the Colombian Army murdered Cristian Largo Zapata. Mr Zapata was a 22-year-old disabled indigenous man.

The killing, by soldiers under the command of a Lieutenant Contreras, took place in the indigenous community of 'La Esperanza' in Riosucio municipality of Caldas department.

A report of the incident produced by the National Indigenous Organisation of Colombia states that at approximately 10.30am soldiers wearing balaclavas and accompanied by members of the DAS secret police burst into the home of 56-year-old Rosa Maria Zapata.

The men demanded that Ms Zapata tell them 'where the guerrillas are' and accused her of hiding weapons for the guerrillas. A group of the soldiers then walked away from her house and she heard gunfire. When they returned moments later they announced that they had killed one of the guerrillas that she had been hiding. In reality the soldiers had extra-judicially executed her son.

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