Liliany Obando: The Beginning of a Nightmare Without End

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Political prisoner Liliany Obando has written a document marking 3 years of unjust imprisonment outlining the flaws in the case against her. The piece, which you can read by clicking on the document to the right, outlines the military 'Operation Pheonix' (the 2008 bombing of a FARC camp) which led to the witchhunt known as 'FarcPolitica', during which the Colombian State accused its most high-profile critics, be they academics, trade union leaders, journalists or members of the political opposition of being linked to the guerrilla organisation. Due to the flimsy amount of uncredible evidence, not one single case has been able to be completed and actually result in a conviction. Despite a Supreme Court ruling which stated the evidence collected during the military operation was 'inamissable', people continue to be imprisoned on that basis. Such is the case with Liliany Obando, a woman who has now endured 3 years of unjust imprisonment, been subjected to constant abuse, and a lack of due process throughout the experience.

To call for her freedom and that of other political prisoners in Colombia click here.

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