People of Faith Rally Against Colombian Free Trade Agreement

News from Colombia | | credit: Huffington Post on: Thursday, 14 July 2011
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People of Faith Rally Against Colombian Free Trade Agreement

Carol Howard Merritt. Author, Pastor, Co-Host of God Complex Radio

Jose's phone rang. When he picked up the receiver, no one was on the other line. He hung up.

The next time he heard the ring, his wife answered, and a menacing voice said, "Tell that man to calm down his tongue or we will cut it out."

It's not unusual for people in Jose's position to receive threats. And it's far too common for the warnings to become a reality. Jose had just returned from a collective bargaining table. He is a labor organizer in Colombia, a place where 51 unionists were killed in 2010.

But Jose didn't settle his tongue. In fact, on July 11, he stood in front of a backdrop of 51 black coffins and courageously shared his story with 150 people of faith, environmental activists and labor leaders at a dramatic rally in front of the White House. They gathered for one reason: to stop the Free Trade Agreement in Colombia

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