Death Threats Received by Human Rights Activists

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 11 July 2011

CPDH, the Permanent Committee for Human Rights, has reported death threats received on July 7th by members of CPDH Arauca, including its former president and ex-political prisoner, Martin Sandoval. Martin Sandoval was freed after a JFC campaign in May 2009. The threats which were signed by the Black eagles paramilitaries follow on from a 9th May threat against a series of local figures, which accused them of being members of guerrilla groups and which read “if things continue getting worse, the first to die will be those on this list.”

CPDH reports that paramilitaries remain active in the region, with two men seriously wounded in a paramilitary-style shooting on 5th July, and a young indigenous man killed on 18th June.

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